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The art of healing

The International Council of Nurses defines nursing as: “the care provided, independently or in collaboration, to individuals of all ages, families, groups and communities - sick or well - regardless of any other factors. Nursing includes promoting good health, disease prevention, care for the sick, the disabled and the dying. Among the essential roles of nursing are advocacy, promotion of a healthy environment, research, participation in the development of health policy and in the management of health systems and patients, as well as education".

How many of us have never suffered from a burn? An oven, the sun, a cleaning product and sometimes even an accident are the causes of many burns. Unfortunately, these traumas can last and become real handicaps.

As a nurse specialising in burns, I care passionately about doing everything possible to prevent

accidents such as these from happening. Moreover I am ready to support and help you through what can be extremely difficult times.

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