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Mission .

The prevention of burns and the training of health professionals.

This project is aimed not only at companies wishing to offer their employees a safe working environment but also at schools, insurance companies and public services concerned with health and safety as well as training. Improving everyone’s knowledge in order to reduce risk factors for burns and impart the necessary tools to act adequately when confronted with such an accident/situation is something I am passionate about.

Care and support for burn victims and their close relatives/caregivers.

This project is aimed at people affected by burns and also at their relatives in the Canton de Vaud or Geneva. Suffering a burn does not only result in skin being burned. The burn can also have much wider repercussions on the future and the psychological balance of the patient as well as on his environment. My commitment lies in supporting my patients and providing highly specialised care and accurate and helpful advice.

Values .

Collaboration and sharing

You will benefit from a professional network comprised of burn specialists as well as health and wellbeing partners. My contacts include organisations, companies and associations that specialise in the prevention of burns.

Kindness and respect

Each one works to the best of their ability drawing on their knowledge and experience.

My project aims to enhance these so that everyone has the necessary tools to accomplish their daily tasks/duties. The approach is both reflective and constructive and is based on a case by case approach.


Constructive comments that will help develop my professional career are welcome.

Burns patients are treated with a high level of sensitivity as are their loved ones. Meetings will be held in order to provide a setting where each one can express their concerns and receive support and advice on all aspects of the trauma.

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